Q&A 混合栄養にする時には?

There are several ways to supplement breast milk with mixed feeding,
which combines breast milk and formula.
Do it in a way that suits you, the mother.

1 Breast Milk at First, Then Formula

Feed breast milk first, and when there is not enough supplement it with formula. In the beginning, feeding the baby as much formula they want after they have been breastfed should be fine.

2 Alternate Between Breast Milk
and Formula

For example, if you are feeding the baby every three hours, breast feed them at 6 in the morning, then formula at 9, then at noon breast milk, then at 3 formula, alternating your feedings.

3 It’s a good idea to decide whether you will always breast feed or will alternate, depending on how engorged your breasts are at feeding times.
Add Formula in the Evening

In general, the amount of milk produced in the breasts declines in the evening, so with this method, you breastfeed only in the morning, then alternate between formula and breastfeeding in the afternoon.