History of Meiji milk

The power to grow, with peace of mind.

We wanted to create an infant formula that could be fed with peace of mind, which led us to develop a product
that pursues the power to grow.
Meiji Hohoemi will continue to support your child-rearing, full of smiles, by walking side by side with your family’s ideas and philosophy.

For 100 years since 1923, Meiji has been developing and improving infant formulas based on our ideals for babies’ healthy development.
Meiji Hohoemi, the most trusted infant formula in Japan. *Tracing the history from its birth.

*Intage’s SRI+® Cumulative Sales between April 2022 and March 2023 in the infant formula market



The launch of the first infant formula containing Oryzanin (vitamin B1) in Japan


Meiji soft-curd powdered milk

Japan’s first production of soft-curd milk through heat treatment of proteins. Improved to be digested easily by babies.


Meiji soft-curd powdered milk F

For the first time in Japan, replaced part of the milk fat with corn oil, which is rich in linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid


Meiji soft-curd powdered milk FM

Achieved Japan’s first single milk formula (dissolved in hot water without needing to add flour) A hygienic and convenient high-seal tin was also introduced.


Meiji soft-curd powdered milk FM-U

Improved the triglyceride structure of fats for the first time in Japan, for even better digestion and absorption of fats


Meiji soft-curd powdered milk FM-K

More vitamin K and addition of vitamin D3. Improved composition of minerals, proteins, and fats.


Meiji soft-curd powdered milk FM-3

More docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). DHA is considered one of the most important n-3 fatty acids for the development of babies.


Meiji soft-curd powdered milk F&P

World’s first selective degradation of β-lactoglobulin, which does not exist in breast milk. Improved nutritional quality.


Meiji soft-curd powdered milk F&P-f

Improved balance of arachidonic acid (ARA) and DHA. Achieved a similar lipid composition to that of breast milk by enriching cholesterol.


Meiji Hohoemi RakuRaku Cubes

The world’s first* infant formula cubes. Produced a convenient, cube-type infant formula by solidifying Meiji Hohoemi without using additives.
*As of October 2007


Meiji Hohoemi
Meiji Hohoemi RakuRaku Cubes

For the first time in Japan, enhanced arachidonic acid (ARA) to the level found in breast milk.


Meiji Hohoemi RakuRaku Milk

Japan’s first liquid infant milk in steel cans. Achieved the equivalent nutritional composition to Meiji Hohoemi (Powder/Cubes).


Meiji Hohoemi RakuRaku Milk

120 ml or 200 ml depending on your baby’s age in months.
Now with a cap, for even more convenient carrying!