Liquid: Just pour it into the nursing bottle!
Comes in two sizes, depending on your baby’s age in months.

“Our baby doesn’t finish the whole bottle sometimes.” “It’s not easy to discard unfinished milk while on the go.” To respond to parents’ voices like these, we have renewed Meiji Hohoemi RakuRaku Milk!
Now it comes in two sizes-just the right amounts for your baby to finish.

Four convenient features of RakuRaku Milk
Point 1

Just pour it into the nursing
bottle and feed!
The attachment makes it
even more convenient!

You can pour RakuRaku Milk straight into the nursing bottle at room temperature, so your hungry baby doesn’t have to wait.
You can feed your baby immediately, even when they suddenly start crying at night or while on the go. So, RakuRaku Milk will become your must-have item.

Point 2

Comes in two sizes, depending on your baby’s age in months!

The 120 ml bottle and 200 ml bottle. These sizes were chosen based on our research on infant milk consumption.
They are calculated to minimize underfeeding or leftovers when feeding a baby of any age in months.

Point 3

The equivalent
composition to
Meiji Hohoemi Powder/Cubes!

This is a liquid type of our No. 1 brand*, Meiji Hohoemi, which was born as a result of our extensive research on breast milk, the ideal infant nutrition. It allows you to feed your baby safely anytime, anywhere.

Intage’s SRI+® Cumulative Sales between April 2022 and March 2023 in the infant formula market

Point 4

Comes in a solid can,
so it is fresh, safe, and reliable!
Its long shelf life is convenient for stockpiling
for a disaster or emergency!

Meiji Hohoemi RakuRaku milk comes in a highly durable can, which protects its contents even in harsh conditions.
It can be stored for 18 months from the manufacturing date (12 months for the 120 ml cans.)


Answers to your questions

Q How do I heat it?

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Check the can to see if it is clean and undamaged.
  3. Shake the can well and transfer the contents to a clean nursing bottle or heat-proof mug. Or you can heat the can in hot water if you have the attachment.
  4. Heat it in hot water.
    • Turn off the heat before placing the can in the hot water. Be careful not to scald yourself.
  5. Make sure that the milk is close to body temperature (about 40 degrees) before feeding.

[Precautions for heating the can in hot water]
Use clean water and be careful not to heat the water too hot (up to around body temperature). If you have heated the product in hot water, use it in one go. Do not reheat the product.

[Never use the following methods]
Over open flame/in a microwave oven

Click here to see the details on a video.

Q How do I store it?

  • Store at room temperature and avoid high temperatures and freezing.
  • Do not store in places exposed to direct sunlight, near the fire, or inside a car in summer.

Q After opening, can I keep the leftover and use it later?

Feed RakuRaku Milk immediately (within two hours) after opening.
Saliva enters the milk even when your baby only drinks a mouthful. Then, the milk may go off quickly because the germs in the saliva will grow in the milk. Therefore, discard any leftover milk.
If the can has not come in contact with the lips, you can store the milk in the can. Still, use it within two hours.

Q Where can I buy the attachment?

Available at drugstores and baby goods stores across Japan and EC sites. It is also included in the currently available set offers of the Hajimekara RakuRaku Set, Eraberu RakuRaku Set, and Tsuzukete RakuRaku Set.

Q Does its long shelf life mean it contains preservatives?

Like Hohoemi Powder, raw materials for purposes other than nutritional enhancement are not used. In other words, it does not contain preservatives, sweeteners, coloring agents, flavoring agents, or other food additives used in food manufacturing or food processing/preservation.