Meiji Hohoemi RakuRaku Milk

Meiji Hohoemi Features of RakuRaku Milk

Presenting a New Liquid Formula from Meiji Hohoemi, the No.1 Brand*
So easy, just pour!

A liquid you just pour in the baby bottle!
Packaged in a can for safety and reliability.

A liquid formula from No. 1* brand Meiji Hohoemi, created through thorough research on breast milk, the ideal nutrition for infants. This formula can be poured into a bottle and used as a substitute for breast milk.

*Intage SDI: Manufacturer share of infant formula from January 2018 to December 2018 of the entire market, including baby specialty shops (quantity, amount of money)

Point 1

Pour into the baby bottle
and feed as is!

No need to warm up

This formula can be used at room temperature, meaning no heating is required. Since no preparation is required, we recommend this for feeding when you’re out and about or when it’s late at night, or when leaving baby with grandma and grandpa, or when you wish to use together with breast milk.

How to Use RakuRaku Milk

Safe and secure quality
Highly-durable can

Great durability that doesn't crush easily

Steel can

Steel cans are tightly sealed and shield light, completely blocking factors that cause deterioration in quality, such as oxygen and light. They are also highly durable against external impact.

Retort Sterilization

High-temperature pasteurization after filling makes the color of the liquid brown.

These features

Enable storage for one year after the date of manufacture!

How to Store

  • Store at room temperature and avoid hot or freezing temperatures.
  • Do not store in direct sunlight, near flames, or in cars during summer.
Point 3
Point 4

Nutritional design equivalent to "Meiji Hohoemi" powder / cube type!

Nutritional Content Comparison Chart

Meiji Hohoemi
RakuRaku Milk
(per 100 ml serving)
Powder & Cube
(per 100 ml serving of 13.5% formula)
Energy Protein Fat Cholesterol Carbohydrates Salt Content Niacin Pantothenic acid Biotin Vitamin A Vitamin B₁ Vitamin B₂ Vitamin B₆ Vitamin B12 Vitamin C Vitamin D Vitamin E Vitamin K Folic acid Zinc Potassium Calcium Selenium Iron Copper Magnesium Phosphorus

68kcal 1.65g 3.5g 10mg 7.66g 0.049g 0.41mg 0.58mg 1.6μg 53μg 0.054mg 0.081mg 0.041mg 0.27μg 7.7~28.6mg 0.88μg 0.84mg 3.4μg 14μg 0.41mg 66mg 51mg 1.4μg 0.81mg 0.043mg 5.4mg 28mg

68kcal 1.5g 3.52g 10mg 7.79g 0.049g 0.41mg 0.58mg 1.6μg 53μg 0.054mg 0.081mg 0.041mg 0.27μg 9.5mg 0.88μg 0.84mg 3.4μg 14μg 0.41mg 66mg 51mg 1.4μg 0.81mg 0.043mg 5.4mg 28mg
Point 4
Recommended for stockpiling because it's hard to crush!

A Savior in These Scenarios!

No running water No hot water For stockpiling

Since this formula can be consumed as is, it is useful in situations with no running water or no hot water. When disaster strikes, sewage, gas, or electric could be suspended. We recommend stockpiling some for just such times.

In Preparation for Disaster