Meiji Hohoemi RakuRaku Milk How to Use

How to Pour RakuRaku Milk

RakuRaku Milk is a liquid formula, meaning no preparation is necessary. It can be used as a substitute for breast milk even when running water or hot water is unavailable, such as during disasters or emergencies.


Before giving formula...


Always wash hands before using. Use sterilized equipment.


Do not give your baby leftovers. Also, do not feed them using the can.

Step 1

Check whether the can is dirty or damaged.

Step 2

Clean the opening of the can.

Step 3

Shake can well and open the lid.

Step 4

Transfer to a clean container
Give your baby formula.

If the opening of the can is dirty, wipe well with a wet or disinfecting cotton pad for infants to clean.

Formula may be brownish due to high-temperature pasteurization, but there is no issue with the product.


This product can be used as is or can be warmed up first. If the can feels cold to the touch and your baby does not want to feed, we recommend warming it up.
When warming up formula, use the following method.

Step 1

Transfer to a clean container.

Step 2

Heat in hot water.

Step 3

Check the temperature, then feed.

Transfer RakuRaku Milk to a heat-resistant container, such as a baby bottle or mug.

When heating in hot water, beware of scalds.

Put a heating pad on top of the can to heat.

Place inside an adult's clothing to heat.

Make sure it is not hot (under 40℃) before giving to you baby.

When heating in a can

  • Use clean water (hot water)
  • Use up immediately after boiling, do not heat repeatedly.

When Heating, DON'T:

Heat in the microwave

Heat over open flame

Heat using a milk warmer while still in the can