Thorough Breast Milk Research
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Thorough Breast Milk Research

We’ve thoroughly researched breast milk, the ideal nutrition for infants.

Meiji has conducted “Breast Milk Science” to make each and every component of our powdered formula as close to breast milk as possible and ensure the same sound growth as breastfed infants. So far, we’ve analyzed the breast milk of over 4,000 mothers in our Breast Milk Study and have also researched the growth of over 200,000 babies over the course of 40 years in our Growth Study.

Overview of Breast Milk Study

Overview of Breast Milk Study Growth Study of over 200,000 babies Breast Milk Study of over 4,000 mothers Research, Development, and Improvement Commercialization A cycle continued for more than 40 years Growth study of infants fed Hohoemi formula
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Growth study of more than 200,000 infants over more than 40 years

Since 1972, we’ve directly asked the mothers of over 200,000 babies for the weight, height, and frequency of illness of their babies in 12 studies conducted over the span of 40 years. With its roots in “listening” to babies, Meiji powdered formula aims to achieve the same growth as breastfed babies.

To get similar development results between breastfed babies and babies fed on Meiji powdered formula.

Hohoemi ('12) Baby Weights  Bottle-Fed Infants  Breastfed Infants  WHO Growth Standard Chart  Average ±2 × standard deviation  Baby's age

*The Growth Study has confirmed that the individual amounts of proteins, fats, etc. as well as the total nutritional composition of Meiji Hohoemi is sufficient.

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Study on breast milk provided by over 4,000 mothers across Japan

In 1979 and from 1998 to 1999, we had over 4,000 mothers across Japan provide us with breast milk, from which we gleaned valuable information, starting with the basics, such as protein and calorie concentration. Using this precious information learned from breast milk, we were able to make Meiji Hohoemi even closer to the real thing.

Breast milk samples provided by mothers