Extensive research on breast milk
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Extensive research on breast milk

We have extensively studied breast milk, the ideal infant nutrition.

With our Breast Milk Science initiative, we are trying to make every component of our infant formula series as close to breast milk as possible, so that formula-fed babies experience the same growth as breastfed babies. As part of this initiative, we have analyzed breast milk from over 6,000 mothers and followed up on the development of babies raised on Meiji Hohoemi only.

The outline of our breast milk studies

Overview of Breast Milk Study Growth Study of over 200,000 babies Breast Milk Study of over 4,000 mothers Research, Development, and Improvement Commercialization A cycle continued for more than 40 years Growth study of infants fed Hohoemi formula
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For over 40 years, we have studied the development of over 200,000 babies raised on Meiji Hohoemi only.

Since 1972, we have conducted 12 studies over 40 years to examine the body weight, height, and health of over 200,000 such babies by interviewing their mothers. With Meiji Hohoemi, we aim to achieve the same level of development as breastfed babies.

Our studies showed similar development between breastfed and Meiji formula-fed babies.

Hohoemi ('12) Baby Weights  Bottle-Fed Infants  Breastfed Infants  WHO Growth Standard Chart  Average ±2 × standard deviation  Baby's age

*Our studies on child development confirm that Meiji Hohoemi has an appropriate makeup of proteins and fats and overall nutritional composition.

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Analyses of breast milk provided by over 6,000 mothers across Japan

In 1979, 1998-1999, and 2012-2014, more than 6,000 mothers across Japan donated their precious breast milk to us, providing valuable information, including fundamental data on protein and energy concentrations. By utilizing important information learned from our research, Meiji Hohoemi has been made more similar to breast milk.

Breast milk samples provided by mothers