How to Use RakuRaku Cube

Here, we present how to make formula easily using the RakuRaku Cube.

How to Use RakuRaku Cube

Before making formula...


Always wash your hands before making formula. Always wash and disinfect equipment.


Use the required amount of cubes. For granulated formulas, measure accurately using the spoon inside the can.


Create one bottle of formula for each feeding and use within two hours. Do not feed your baby leftover formula.

Step 1

Disinfect equipment.

Step 2

Put RakuRaku Cube into the baby bottle.

Step 3

Put in hot water and dissolve RakuRaku Cube.

Step 4

Cool with water.

Step 5

Check the temperature.

Step 6

Feed your baby the formula.

Wash and disinfect equipment. *1 To disinfect by boiling, put equipment in enough water to cover them, then boil for 5 to 10 minutes after the water starts bubbling. (Nipple for 3 minutes)

* Can also be disinfected in the microwave or with chemical solutions.

One cube creates 40 ml Hold the illustrated side and insert vertically!

Cut the seal of the bag and lightly stroke the sides of the bag up and down. Hold with your fingers on the illustration side, then put the required amount of cubes in a dry, disinfected container.

POINT Stroking the sides of the bag makes it come out easily!

Before putting the cube into the baby bottle, lightly stroking the sides of the bag to put air into it will make the cube come out more easily.

It will get hot, so beware of scalds!

After boiling, chill water (to more than 70℃*2), then fill to about 2/3, put on the nipple and cover so formula doesn’t spill, and shake well in a swirling motion to dissolve.

*2 *After the WHO (World Health Organization) and FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) published the Safe Preparation, Storage, and Handling of Powdered Infant Formula Guidelines in 2007. We have revised our formula preparation temperature from 40 - 50℃ to 70 ℃ under the guidance of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in June 2007.

Dissolve cube in hot water

Shaking the bottle after you’ve let the cube soak and it starts to break apart makes dissolving it easier.

When adding hot water, match the fill line to the formula underneath the bubbles!

Add boiled water or boiled water that has been cooled until you reach the fill line. Since you are using hot water, do not prepare formula next to your baby.

Attach the nipple, shake lightly, and cool in water until the temperature is about 40℃. Always check that the temperature of the formula is close to body temperature before feeding.

Drip a little formula on the inside of your wrist. It should feel slightly warm, about 40℃.

Keep an eye on how the formula comes out, and loosen the cap and make sure the nipple is in the mouth properly. Make sure the nipple is filled with formula at all times as you feed.

POINT Once feeding is finished, burp the baby

Once feeding is finished, hold your baby up so that their chin is on your shoulder, then either rub the back from bottom to top or lightly tap to burp the baby and get the air out.

When You Have Leftover Cube

  • Fold the top of the bag and secure with a clip to stow.
  • Cutting the opening of the bag makes using the remaining cubes more convenient.
  • Consume as quickly as possible after opening (within one week).