Features of Meiji Hohoemi

Powdered milk: Continuing to evolve to be as close as possible to breast milk.

Package designed with attention to detail

Easy to open, close, measure!

Over the last 100 years, we have extensively studied breast milk, the ideal infant nutrition for all babies in Japan. We have also paid a lot of attention to the details of packaging in pursuit of your convenience.

Point 1

The lid now has a tab so that you can open it easily.

Very easy to open!

We have designed this childproof tab that allows you to open the lid easily.

Point 2

For the convenience of daily use, it opens and closes easily.

No fuss!

You can open the lid one-handed—no need to remove it altogether.

Point 3

Easy and precise measuring.

Precise; no waste!

Designed to allow you to level off the powder.

Allows easy, correct measurement of powder.