Meiji Hohoemi

Meiji Hohoemi

An infant formula that continues to evolve using breast milk as its model,with the sound growth of your baby as its goal.

The most chosen powdered formula in Japan!  Ages 0-1

*Intage SDI: Manufacturer share of infant formula from January 2018 to
December 2018 of the entire market,
including baby specialty shops (quantity, amount of money)


Meiji Hohoemi is an infant formula that continues to evolveusing breast milk as its model, with the sound growth of infants as its goal.

Meiji Hohoemi RakuRaku Cube RakuRaku Milk

Each and every component in this powdered formula is made similar to breast milk, as we aim for babies fed on formula to experience the same development as those who are breast fed.
A distinctive Meiji product created over years of experience.

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Hohoemi's 3 Commitments

Point 1

Thorough Breast Milk Research

We’ve thoroughly researched breast milk, the ideal nutrition for infants.

To make each and every component in our powdered formula as close to breast milk as possible, we've analyzed the breast milk of over 4,000 mothers and researched the development of over 200,000 babies.

Point 2

Sufficient Nutritional Composition

We’ve made each and every nutritional component as close to breast milk as possible in consideration of infant development.

Our product is formulated with protein, DHA, and arachidonic acid, all essential for infant growth and development, to the levels found in breast milk.

Point 3

The Pursuit of Convenience

We've pursuit convenience in consideration of both mother and child.

A cube you just pop in!

RakuRaku Cube
RakuRaku Cube

A liquid you just pour in the baby bottle!

Room temperature OK  RakuRaku Milk
RakuRaku Milk
How to

So easy, anyone can do it!
Recommendations for Making Formula

RakuRaku Cube

RakuRaku CubeHow to Use

RakuRaku Milk

RakuRaku MilkHow to Use

Comments from mothers

We've received many happy comments from customers.

My baby gulps it down
The fact that I don't have to measure anything makes it so easy
Her father is also actively involved in making formula
It's the top brand, so I can put my mind at ease
The cube type is convenient to carry around

Product information

Choose from a wide variety according to use.

明治ほほえみ らくらくキューブ

A cube that doesn't require measurement and doesn't spill.
Just pop it in—a formula so easy, anyone can make it.

明治ほほえみ らくらくキューブ(特大箱)

\48 bags! Discount for Mothers Using the Cube Everyday/

Meiji Hohoemi
RakuRaku Cube (Extra Large Box)

Net Content: 1296 g (27 g x 24 bags x 2 boxes)
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price: ¥3,960 (tax excluded)

明治ほほえみ らくらくキューブ(大箱)

\Make Formula Easily Without Measuring/

Meiji Hohoemi
RakuRaku Cube (Large Box)

Net Content: 432 g (27 g × 16 bags)
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price: ¥1,600 (tax excluded)

Features of the RakuRaku Cube

明治ほほえみ らくらくミルク

A liquid formula you just pour into a baby bottle and have baby drink as is.
A highly durable steel can. Can be stored for one year from its date of manufacture.

明治ほほえみ らくらくミルク

\So Easy, Just Pour/

Meiji Hohoemi
RakuRaku Milk

Net Content:
240 ml
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price:
¥215 (tax excluded)

Features of the RakuRaku Milk


A classic canned formula. Comes in a generous 800 g size!

Meiji Hohoemi

Net Content: 800 g
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price: ¥2,630 (tax excluded)

Meiji Hohoemi (2-Can Pack)

Net Content: 800 g × 2
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price: ¥5,260 (tax excluded)

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Meiji Hohoemi Series

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