Meiji Hohoemi Features of the RakuRaku Cube

Meiji Hohoemi
Features of the RakuRaku Cube

RakuRaku Cube

The first cube-shaped powdered formula that anyone can make easily just by popping it in!

Created through thorough research on breast milk, the ideal infant nutrition, Meiji Hohoemi is hardened without the use of additives. Its cube shape makes mixing formula easy and accurate.

Point 1

No need to measure with a spoon!

No spills! No scattering!

No need to measure with a spoon, just pop into the baby bottle from the bag. This means no spilling or scattering.

Point 2

Tell how many are in the bottle at a glance!
It's so easy, anyone can make it.

No mistakes anytime by anyone

Since you can tell at a glance how many cubes have been put in, anyone can make formula easily and accurately, including dad, grandma, and grandpa. Convenient when leaving feedings to the father or when having your parents watch the baby. Also, since you can tell at a glance how many cubes are in the bottle, you can make formula accurately with no mistakes in the amount even in the middle of the night, when you’re sleepy.

Point 3

Individually packaged
for long-term storage!
This makes it convenient for stockpiling.

No waste, even if you only use a little

Unlike canned formula, which must be used within one month after opening, these cubes are individually wrapped, allowing for long-term storage of unopened items. We recommend stockpiling some in the case of an emergency.

Point 4

Hygienic and convenient to carry around!

All you need are these things for peace of mind when you go out!  Cube, water bottle, baby bottle

Since they're individually packaged, it's easy to carry only the amount you need! Also, since you pop the cube into the baby bottle directly from the bag, you can make formula hygienically even on the go.