Meiji Hohoemi Features of RakuRaku Cubes

Meiji Hohoemi
Features of RakuRaku Cubes

RakuRaku Cube

The industry’s first cube-type infant formula. Just pop them in the nursing bottle. Infallible!

Meiji Hohoemi was born as a result of our extensive research on breast milk, the ideal infant nutrition. Now we have made it into cubes without using additives. The cubes make it easy to prepare the milk with the right consistency for your baby.

Point 1

No spoon, no measuring required. No fuss!

No spill! No fuss!

No need to measure with a spoon. Open the sachet and simply pop them into the bottle. No worries about spillage or scattering.

Point 2

Easy to know how many cubes you have put into the bottle!

Any time by anyone, failproof

Easy to see how many cubes are in the bottle, so even dad, grandpa, and grandma can prepare the milk with the right consistency for your baby. They are convenient when you ask the dad to feed your baby or your parents to babysit. Or you won’t make a mistake even when you have to feed at night, half asleep.

Point 3

Individually packed so can be stored for a long time.
Convenient for stockpiling.

You can use a small amount at a time without waste.

Unlike powdered formula in a tin, which must be used within one month of opening, the Cubes can be stored for a long time because they are individually packed. Therefore, they are ideal for stockpiling for an emergency.

Point 4

Hygienic and convenient carrying!

This is all you have to pack for an outing!

The individually packed sachets are convenient, as you can take out only as many as you need. Also, you can transfer the cubes into the bottle directly from the sachet, so you can prepare the baby’s milk hygienically while on the go.

Point 5

Dissolves quickly!

The cubes dissolve quickly and completely in water 70 degrees or hotter.