Meiji Hohoemi®

No. 1 Seller*5 Meiji Hohoemi is an infant formula most-frequently chosen by Japanese mothers.*5

  • Assurance!
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“I want to choose an infant formula
that closely resembles mother’s milk
and gives me peace of mind.” Meiji Hohoemi supports babies’
growth by offering
three assurances. *1: Based on a study by Meiji (as of September 2013)
*2: With respect to the amounts of arachidonic acid and DHA added to infant formulas that are produced in Japan
*3: Infant formulas that are formulated with quantities of arachidonic acid up to the range found in mother’s milk
*4: Infant formulas produced in Japan that are formulated with quantities of arachidonic acid and those with DHA up to the range found in mother’s milk
*5: Yen-based manufacturer market share (based on yen amount) of infant formula for babies between April 2015 and March 2016, based on a survey of all business categories, including baby specialty stores, by Intage SDI

Assurance1     Assurance based on an evaluation
of mother’s milk from more than 4,000 mothers
and a study of over 200,000 babies.

Over 90 Years of History in Infant
Formula Research and Development
Meiji has conducted R&D on infant formula for over 90 years, with dedication to ensuring the healthy growth of babies. Meiji is devoted to the science of mother’s milk, aiming to create a formula that lets formula-fed babies grow just as healthy as those who are fed mother’s milk. Meiji does this by formulating ingredients as closely resembling the composition of mother’s milk as possible. As part of the Mother’s Milk Evaluation, in which mother’s milk from more than 4,000 mothers was analyzed, a Growth Study has been conducted over a period of 40 plus years, and the growth of over 200,000 babies has been monitored.
Mother’s milk from more than
4,000 mothers evaluated Growth of over
200,000 babies studied

Assurance2      Assurance of quality and quantity of
nutrients, backed by the company’s determination
to enable formula-fed babies to grow to be
as healthy as those raised on mother’s milk

Formulation of proteins that help
babies’ growth and a reduction of those that
are not found in mother’s milk
Meiji Hohoemi is formulated not only with ingredients that help support babies’ growth, but also with reduced amounts of ingredients that do not exist in mother’s milk. Milk proteins consist largely of casein and whey protein. The total amount of these two types of proteins in Meiji Hohoemi is approximately the same as in mother’s milk.
Attention also paid to the balance of whey protein!
Whey protein is made up of proteins that are easily digestible, as well as those that are not. Thanks to Meiji’s proprietary technology, easily digestible proteins are retained in Meiji Hohoemi at levels close to those of mother’s milk, while proteins that are difficult to digest are selectively decomposed.
Total amounts of casein and whey protein
Meiji Hohoemi is the only
formula that contains much
talked-about arachidonic acid
in quantities reaching the range
found in mother’s milk.
Arachidonic acid (ARA) is present in animal-based foods, such as pork, beef, liver, chicken eggs, chicken thighs and fish. It has been receiving much attention lately as an essential nutrient that helps support the development and growth of babies. Meiji Hohoemi is the only infant formula in Japan that is formulated with quantities of arachidonic acid reaching the range found in mother’s milk.
Arachidonic acid (ARA)
        The First in Japan!※1
        Formulated up to the range
found in mother’s milk
The only infant formula that contains
DHA, another essential nutrient
for babies’ growth, also in the range
found in mother’s milk
DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is well known as a lipid found in large quantities in tuna and other fatty fish. Similarly to arachidonic acid, it is an essential nutrient for the development of babies. Meiji Hohoemi is the only infant formula that is formulated with quantities of DHA reaching the range found in mother’s milk.

Assurance3 Meiji’s assured quality,
 based on rigorous inspections
    Certified by
ISO 9001

Sense of Responsibility and Pride:
Two Pillars of Infant Formula Factories That
Produce Safe Products Offering Peace of Mind
A substantial number of employees are involved at each step of Meiji Hohoemi production, from development and product design to raw material procurement and sale. They maintain assured quality by collaborating among individual groups, while holding themselves responsible for and taking pride in their work. Because infant formula supports babies’ growth, Meiji uses rigorous inspection standards for safety and manufactures products that can be relied upon.
Prevention of contamination

Inside each factory, people and equipment are kept to strict standards of cleanliness in order to ensure no contaminants enter the product.

Air shower
        Windowless structure Production process check

Each piece of equipment in the production process is controlled by a computer in the central control room. Safety is checked throughout the process.

Central Control Room (Control Panel)
        Central Control Room(Operator) Post-packaging Inspection

Safety is closely examined from multiple angles, even after packaging, not just with respect to ingredients.

Outer Appearance Check
        Product Inspection Four Ways to Guard Infant Formula
from Radioactive Substances

Meiji voluntarily inspects all of its infant formula products for radioactive substances.

1Voluntary inspection
for radioactive substances 2Disclosure of inspection results 3Rigorous inspection standards 4Use of high-precision
inspection equipment

[Description of Radioactive Substance Test]

Meiji Hohoemi 800g (Can)

[Expiration date]

2015 2016

Meiji Hohoemi Raku Raku Cube (1296g, 648g, 432g, 108g)

[Expiration date]

2015 2016

  • Assurance!
  • Improved Convenience!
  • Product Line-up

Improved Convenience!
    Mix formula any time,
any place with ease

The First in
the World*
        Easy and Accurate.
A new standard for infant formulas.
Tab-shaped Meiji Hohoemi Raku Raku Cube
Meiji Hohoemi

The first tab-shaped infant formula in the world*. Using a proprietary production method and without using any additives, Meiji Hohoemi is compressed into solidly-packed tabs.

Any time!You are covered even if your baby starts crying all of a sudden!The tab dissolves in hot water in a flash. You do not have to make your baby wait, even when he/she starts to cry suddenly.
            Anyone!You don’t need to worry, even when you leave your baby with a family member.Anyone can make it with ease. That means asking Daddy, Grandpa or Grandma isn’t a problem.
            Any place!All you need to do is take some tabs out of the pouch and drop them in a bottle!You can drop some tabs straight from the pouch into a bottle. So it’s convenient when you are away from home. Carrying them around is a breeze, too.
            Accurate!No need for a spoon and there’s no spillage.Each tab is for 40ml. There’s no need for measurement! You can mix formula spill-free without a spoon.
            Long-term storage too!Good for long-term storage, and even for emergency preparedness.Powdered infant formula that comes in a can must be used up within one month. The tab-shaped formula keeps for an extended period of time. You will be worry-free even in an emergency.
            Hygienic!The individual packages are always hygienic.The individual packages allow you to open only what you need when you need it, so they are always fresh and hygienic. Meticulous Attention to Dissolvability

The first infant formula in the world* in tablet form that dissolves rapidly!
The tablets dissolve amazingly well, thanks to the four depressions on both faces.
Plenty of attention has been given to making them easy to use too!

Watch how a tab dissolves
quickly in this video! Watch the video! Meticulous Attention to Ease of Use The diameter of the
pouch was chosen to fit
the mouth of a baby bottle.
Includes an illustration of
the tabs to show you
how many tabs are left
Perforated to make it
easy to keep
unused portions.
Benefits of Raku Raku Cubes, Shown in Comic Strips The story of the
mother of three vibrant daughters“I did it all by myself.”
There are many more opinions from mothers
who are regular users of the product.
I had considered it to be my job to breastfeed and formula-feed my baby. Thanks to Raku Raku Cubes, however my husband pitch in.Raku Raku Cubes are very helpful. Since each Raku Raku Cube makes 40 ml of formula and the product comes in blocks, you can see and count the number of tabs that you place in a bottle. That’s one thing that makes
the product appealing
to consumers. I love the perforations on the individual packages! They are so easy to open that even my elementary school-age son can handle it without any
Since the tabs are individually packaged, even mothers who mainly rely on breast milk can use the product when
necessary in the
quantities needed. When my baby cries and I need to mix formula quickly, I do not need to grab a spoon and measure the amount of powder. It’s very convenient. It also dissolves easily and I can make it with one hand. It helps a lot. Even though this product comes in a different shape, the ingredients are still the same as in the powdered form
of Meiji Hohoemi. It’s handy that I can use both
of them together.

  • Assurance!
  • Improved Convenience!
  • Product Line-up

Product Lineup

Infant formula from birth to the first birthday
For mothers who rely
mainly on breast milk
and are trying formula
for the first time
Meiji Hohoemi
Raku Raku Cube
27g (5 tabs) x 16 pouches A bargain
for mothers who
use Cubes every day
Meiji Hohoemi
Raku Raku Cube
27g (5 tabs) x 24 pouches x 2 boxes
A convenient
small size for
use away from home
Meiji Hohoemi
Raku Raku Cube
21.6g (4 tabs) x 5 pouches It also comes
in a can.
Meiji Hohoemi
Content: 800g (Large can)

  • Assurance!
  • Improved Convenience!
  • Product Line-up

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