• 力強い深み 華やかな果実味
  • 濃密な深みと旨味 優しく香る


  • Strong, deep. Comfort Bitter
  • Exquisite, fruity. Elegant Bitter

Dark Milk

  • Thick, deep, rich. Velvet Milk
  • A gentle flavor. Sunny Milk


Dark milk chocolate is made with a mixture of cacao mass, cocoa butter, and sugar - resulting in 50% cacao.
The result is a bitter milk chocolate with a distinct cacao flavor.

Assort pouch

For a flavor comparison,
try both Bitter and Milk flavors!

Bitter Comfort & Elegant Milk Velvet & Sunny

  • Brazil & Dominican Republic

  • Venezuela

  • *We mainly use cacao beans from each specified region.
What is the cacao belt?
The cacao tree doesn't grow just anywhere; the conditions for it to grow include an altitude of 30m to 300m, an annual average temperature of 27ºC with minimal variations, and a minimum annual precipitation of over 1000mm. There is a select region of the world where this is possible: 20º North and 20º South of the equator is a zone conducive to the cultivation of cacao. This area is known as the "cacao belt."