“Absolutely Delicious!” says the world. Continuously winning international competitions.

iTQi Superior Taste Award

With its headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, the International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi),
is an annual competitive food and drink exhibition held in Belgium.
It is judged under the strict guidance of the world's top chefs and sommeliers.

Comfort Bitter, Elegant Bitter, Blossom Bitter, Brilliant Milk, Sunny Milk,
Vivid Milk, Velvet Milk, Matcha, Framboise(2018 Award Winner)

Velvet Milk
wins Crystal Taste Award!

The Crystal Taste Award recognizes products awarded three stars for three years in succession.

Comfort Bitter, Elegant Bitter, Brilliant Milk, Sunny Milk,
Vivid Milk, Velvet Milk, Matcha, Framboise(2017 Award Winner)

Comfort Bitter, Elegant Bitter, Velvet Milk(2016 Award Winner)

Club des Croqueurs de Chocolate Design Award

An abbreviation of Club des Croqueurs de Chocolat (club of chocolate crunchers),
a club for chocolate lovers formed in France in 1981.
Chocolatiers are invited to present submissions to be judged by a panel of 20 tasters who reside permanently in France.
The results are presented in a guidebook using a three-scale gold,
silver and bronze tablet rating system.
There are no set judging standards;
the name of the award and the judging criteria change from year to year.
Winners are announced at the SDC in Paris.

ICA(International Chocolate Awards)

An international chocolate competition started in 2012.
Distinguished chocolatiers take part in the competitive exhibition, which aims to recognize high quality chocolates.
It also supports small-business chocolate makers and cacao cultivation farmers, with the aim of expanding their markets.

Yuzu(2018 Award Winner)

Velvet Milk(2018 Award Winner)

Vivid Milk (2017 Award Winner)

Brilliant Milk (2017 Award Winner)

Elegant Bitter (2016 Award Winner)

Great Taste Awards

Hosted in England, the Great Taste Awards is an international luxury food contest with "taste" as its primary criteria.
This award is referred to as the "Oscars" of the food industry, with a group of top-ranking chefs and
gourmet experts from around the world aiming simply at "selecting only the most delicious foods."
Because the Great Taste logo is a highly distinguished seal of approval,
you can rest assured that a product bearing the Great Taste logo is of the highest quality.

Brilliant Milk, Sunny Milk, Vivid Milk, Velvet Milk (2018 Award Winner)

Comfort Bitter, Sunny Milk (2017 Award Winner)

Academy of Chocolate

An international competition to find the world's best chocolate, where chocolate makers from all over the world participate.
Judges take into account the chocolate's appearance, fragrance, taste, complexity and depth.
The panel includes The Chocolate Academy, international journalists, chefs, pâtissiers, chocolate specialists, and food specialists.

Brilliant Milk (2018 Award Winner)

Sunny Milk, Vivid Milk, Velvet Milk (2017 Award Winner)


The first “Asian Package Design Award” to focus on package design exclusively from Asian countries.
It aims to contribute to the development of the package design industry by attracting international recognition to its superb quality.

Comfort Bitter, Elegant Bitter, Sunny Milk, Velvet Milk (December 2016 Award Winner)