The keyword that links the country of origin, the creators, and its consumption areas.

"BEAN to BAR" is when the manufacturer oversees the entire production process
which starts with the cacao bean (BEAN) to the finished chocolate bar product (BAR).
A distinct feature is that the creators have incorporated various ingenuities
to bring out the best in the carefully selected cacao beans.
Chocolate makers are able to create original types of chocolate
using different manufacturing techniques and unique cacao bean blends.
And in recent years, the interest in "BEAN to BAR" has piqued within Japan.
It has also become a keyword to link the cacao producing countries to their consumption areas.


For the happiness of everyone involved with cacao.

In order to make delicious chocolate, delicious cacao beans are a must.
For that reason, meiji's cacao expert Mr. Hiroyuki Utsunomiya traveled to over 10 countries in search of the best cacao trees.
Meiji formed study groups in these areas in order to search for the best cultivation
and management methods of the perfect cacao trees.
They also donate provisions for the construction of water wells, school supplies,
and furnishings to support the cacao farmers and their communities.
By providing a safe environment for the farmers to continue sustainable agricultural practices,
we are able to procure cacao beans of the highest quality used to make "meiji THE Chocolate."
Meiji believes that the happiness of everyone involved, from those
who make the beans to those who eat our chocolate, starts with valuing the farmers.

Good selection of cacao beans 1

To make the most delicious chocolate, we start our
search in the most secluded regions around the equator.
We travelled to over 10 countries in search of the best
cacao trees, and chose a select group of cacao
plantations. From here, we begin the "FARM to BAR"

Fermentation - Roast 2

In this process, only ripe beans are carefully handpicked.
Each berry is cut with a knife and the extracted beans
are then wrapped with banana leaves to prepare them
for the fermentation process. The aroma that is unique
to "meiji THE Chocolate" is created through this method.

Refining - Conching 3

The roasted cacao beans are grounded, sugar is added,
and is then sent off for a long kneading process. This
process is called conching and is an essential process in
completing "meiji THE Chocolate."

Tempering - Molding 4

We are now at the final stage of the process - tempering.
By cautiously adjusting temperatures and with careful
stirring, the cacao gives luster and finally takes on its
final form as "meiji THE Chocolate."
The challenges and discoveries of "BEAN to BAR"

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