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True! The No.1 amino acid chosen by runners Before exercise *Surveyed by Meiji (2013) n=773 Super VAAM Super VAAM granules Super VAAM powder Super VAAM jelly
Drink VAAM before exercise The advanced energy strategy to convert body fat into energy The sources of kinetic energy are mainly
carbohydrate and body fat. The amount of carbohydrate that can be stored in the body is very limited; the body can store approximately 21 times* more as fat.
Body fat Carbohydrate (glycogen) × Approx. 21 times *Assuming a body weight of 60 kg and a body fat percentage of around 10%, this is the value assuming that all body fat is converted into energy. The value varies among individuals.
The key point is that more energy is generated from 1 g of body fat mass than carbohydrate. Thus, the higher storage capacity of fat than carbohydrate means a larger energy source. Body fat is also an energy source with a high production rate of energy.
However, it takes time to convert body fat into energy. Change of energy source in general physical exercise (concept) Supply (amount used) Duration of exercise Approx. 20 minutes Body fat Carbohydrate *First, carbohydrate is consumed to supply energy; it takes about 20 to 30 minutes for body fat to start burning actively.
Advantages Disadvantages Body fat High storage capacity High amount of energy per mass (Carbohydrate: 4 kcal/g, Body fat: 7 kcal/g) Takes time to be converted into energy Starts burning actively in 20 to 30 minutes after beginning exercise Carbohydrate (glycogen) Easily converted into energy Start burning immediately after beginning exercise Low storage capacity The intensity and duration of exercise determine which will become the main source of energy.
In general, carbohydrate is consumed immediately after beginning exercise, but body fat does not burn quickly. But, what if the conventional wisdom can be overturned, enabling the burning of much more body fat which is not easily converted into energy? You can gain the stamina needed for victory and for enjoying sports. In addition, VAAM offers benefits for daily health and beauty care, such as dieting by burning body fat, activating the metabolism, and preventing metabolic syndrome.
Burn body fat by exercise Release energy from the body Meiji's original amino acid "V.A.A.M." product based on the lessons of nature
Win that victory! The "V." of "V.A.A.M." stands for Vespa, a type of wasp. The origin of "V.A.A.M." is a source of Vespa's stamina. The vespa has stupendous stamina, able to fly up to 100 km a day. The secret of the Vespa's incredible physical performance is how it metabolizes fat. The adult Vespa hardly eats anything and survives by absorbing secretions from bee larvae in return for feeding the larvae. Focusing on the power of nature, Meiji identified the relation between the secretion and fat metabolism through intensive research and experiments. Finally, Meiji found the original amino acid composition: "Vespa Amino Acid Mixture" or "V.A.A.M."
Before exercise Achieve your ideal performance SUPER VAAM series For real competition and tough training For those seeking higher performance to achieve goals, such as breaking records and winning matches Drinkable granule type Water dissolvable powder type A bag contains Vespa amino acid "V.A.A.M." (3,000 mg), plus coenzyme Q10 and L-carnitine. Pineapple flavor. Drinkable granule type 4 g × 10 bags Price: 2,300 yen (excl. tax) Water dissolvable powder type 10.5 g × 12 bags Price: 2,300 yen (excl. tax) Drink Easy-to-drink type one can:200ml Price: 296 yen (excl. tax) one bag:240g Price: 296 yen (excl. tax)
  • Granule Drinkable granule type
  • Powder type Water dissolvable powder type
  • Powder type Water dissolvable powder type
Help your body to keep moving VAAM series For before training or exercise
For those who do sports or train regularly, or do exercises to maintain body strength A bag contains Vespa amino acid "V.A.A.M." (3,000 mg) Drink Easy-to-drink type Grapefruit flavor. one can:200ml Price: 200 yen (excl. tax) Granule Drinkable granule type Grapefruit flavor. 4 g × 14 bags
Price: 200 yen (excl. tax) Powder type Water dissolvable powder type Grapefruit flavor. 10.5 g × 16 bags Price: 200 yen (excl. tax) Jelly Jelly type that can satisfy hunger Fresh lemon flavor. one bag:180 g Price: 200 yen (excl. tax) Super VAAM and VAAM can be purchased at your local drug store,
pharmacy and sports store.
Users' Opinions In a full marathon, endurance in the last half is the key to victory. When it comes to the crunch in running, Super VAAM is my best partner. Company worker (30's) / 12 years of marathon running All of my team members drink it before the game starts. Super VAAM allows me to maintain my physical performance and keep playing until the last minute. Super VAAM is essential for me when playing a match. Company worker (20's) / 13 years of playing soccer Exercising for many hours leaves me without energy halfway. But, drinking Super VAAM gives me energy for much longer. Fitness instructor (40's) / 7 years as aerobics instructor