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Points to Note Before Using This Website

Before using this Meiji Co., Ltd. (“Meiji”) website (“Website”), please carefully read and consent to these Terms and Conditions.
If you do not consent to these Terms and Conditions, please refrain from using this Website.
By using this Website, you shall be deemed to have consented to all of the Terms and Conditions as specified below.
If any separate terms and conditions are set forth in other sections of this Website, please also carefully read and consent to them before using the content of each such section.

Terms of Use

1. Copyrights

Meiji or each applicable provider of the contents of this Website owns the copyrights and other intellectual property rights, the right of use, and/or any other rights to the aforementioned contents, including all copyrighted works, images, characters, marks, designs, and any other type of information.
You may only download, print out, or duplicate the contents of this Website in any other manner for personal use or private use within your home.
You may not divert (including but not limited to copying, uploading, posting, quoting, etc.) any information or program posted on this Website to any other websites or printed media.
You are also prohibited from using any of the contents of this Website beyond the scope of what is permitted by copyright laws, without the permission of Meiji.

2. Email

If you make any inquiry or engage in any other type of communication with Meiji, Meiji may respond by email.
Meiji may also send you various types of information by email with your prior consent.
Meiji reserves all copyrights to those email messages, and you are prohibited from diverting any contents of those email messages to other websites, printed media, etc. without Meiji’s permission.

3. Trademarks

The rights to all trademarks and service marks indicated on this Website are owned either by Meiji or each applicable right-holder that has granted Meiji a license to use them.
You are prohibited from using any of the aforementioned trademarks or service marks without the permission of Meiji or each applicable right-holder.

4. Use of Cookies

Some pages on this Website use cookies.
The user information (age range, gender, etc.) collected through the cookies does not include any information that would invade user privacy.
The aforementioned information will be used only as a reference to provide users with better services.
Meiji will also properly protect and manage the information, and will not disclose it to any third party.
You may deactivate cookies by changing your browser settings.

5. Web Beacons

Web beacons are a technique for acquiring data on the number of accesses to certain webpages.
This Website uses web beacons to collect and analyze such data in order to provide better services.
The information gathered through the web beacons will not be used to obtain the users’ personal information.

6. IP Addresses

This Website collects the IP address of each user accessing the Website for the purposes of system management, usage survey, and other purposes.
Meiji may use such IP information to identify any of the users, in order to protect the Website or any users, or to ensure compliance with these Terms and Conditions, etc. as needed.

7. Security

This Website incorporates strict security measures on the users’ personal information for privacy protection and security assurance.
Meiji also uses SSL encryption to protect any data being transmitted as needed.

8. Social Media Policy of the Meiji Group

Please click the following link for details. ⇒ Meiji Holdings Website (A new window will open.)

9. Temporary Suspension of the Website

Meiji may temporarily suspend provision of this Website to users at any time without prior notice, if and when Meiji deems it necessary to do so to perform system maintenance or repair any system malfunction, or in response to a fire, power outage, earthquake, or any other natural disaster, or for any other operational or technical reason.
Meiji shall not be responsible for any damage that may arise due to such suspension as set forth above.

10. Changes to the Website

Please note in advance that Meiji may change any of the contents of this Website or its addresses (URLs) at any time without prior notice.

11. Disclaimer

Meiji does not provide any warranty, whether express or implied, concerning any of the information, programs, or various services provided on or through this Website, or any other matters related to this Website, as to their completeness, accuracy, usefulness, etc.
Meiji also shall not be responsible or liable in any way for any damage that may arise due to an accident involving software or hardware resulting from the use of this Website, or any issue that may arise between any of the users, or between a user and a third party, or any other type of accident, incident, etc.

12. Applicable Law and Court of Jurisdiction

All matters concerning this Website, including any disputes that may arise in connection with this Website, shall be governed by the laws of Japan, and shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court in Japan for the first instance when needed.

13. Amendment of the Terms and Conditions

Meiji may amend these Terms and Conditions.
If Meiji intends to amend these Terms and Conditions, Meiji will notify in advance the amended version of these Terms and Conditions and also when such amended version will go into effect, by publishing the information on this Website.
Each such amendment shall become effective and applicable at its notified time of taking effect.

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