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  • Find the latest information on lactic acid bacteria research.

    • LB81 lactic acid bacteria
    • OLL2716 lactic acid bacteria
    • 1073R-1 lactic acid bacteria
    • PA-3 lactic acid bacteria
    • Yogurt containing collagen peptides and milk ceramides Works on the body from within!
    • OLL2712 lactic acid bacteria
  • Basic facts on yogurt

    Learn about the history of yogurt, how it is made, and how it works.

  • Yogurt researchers

    Information on pioneering scientists in the history of yogurt research

Effects of yogurt on beauty and health, and answers to frequently asked questions
  • Seminar on yogurt, beauty, and health

    Effects of yogurt on beauty and health, and useful information on yogurt

  • Yogurt dictionary! Find answers to your yogurt-related questions here.

    Find answers to the most commonly asked questions on yogurt below!

  • Tasty relationship between yogurt and cooking, scientifically proven!

    Does yogurt make foods taste better?
    Find scientific proof here.

  • Start your gut-friendly breakfast today

    The key to better gut health is to eat it in the morning!
    Find out what a gut-friendly breakfast is.