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Hi there! I’m going to tell you about some fantastic research into the cacao protein.

The Intestine and Chocolate

  • My blood pressure is up.
  • My memory is getting weaker.
  • I'm worried about arteriosclerosis.
  • I frequently suffer from constipation.
  • Dementia risk
  • I take care of my skin and appearance.

Latest research results showing that cacao protein improves regularity

In a study to determine the various effects of eating chocolate containing at least 70% cacao, many participants reported that they had less constipation.
Through further investigation to determine why this was the case, researchers noticed the effect of cacao protein found in chocolate!

Percentages of men and women reporting symptoms of constipation Women: 66.7% About 3.2 million people Men: 33.3% About 1.6 million people Reference: "2013 Comprehensive Survey of Living Conditions" (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) *Calculated based on "Population Statistics" (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)

Cacao protein, an indigestible protein, increases stool bulk and activates the intestinal peristaltic movement by reaching the large intestine without being digested.
Furthermore, it was found that it also changes the intestinal flora and increases the frequency of bowel movements!

Changes in stool weight (ratio) due to consumption of test food (average value ± SE) (Pre-consumption: 1) High-percentage-cacao chocolate: n = 16 White chocolate: n = 15 # : P = 0.065 (Significant change in stool volume compared to 1 week before consumption) 1 week before consumption 1 week after consumption 2 weeks after consumption Period Joint research project by Teikyo University and Meiji Co., Ltd.: "Exploratory Study on the Intestinal Environment Benefits of Chocolate Consumption"

Wow, the potential benefits of chocolate are amazing!

  • * Excessive chocolate consumption is not recommended.
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