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Learn about the Benefits in 5 Minutes Cocoa Polyphenols and Protein

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Learn about the Benefits in 5 Minutes Cacao Polyphenols and Cacao Protein

What is cacao polyphenol?

These days, there is greater interest in the components found in different foods. As one such component, polyphenols are attracting a lot of attention. Study after study has revealed the various functions of polyphenols in the body, such as helping to prevent arteriosclerosis and get rid of free radicals and oxidative stress. Various foods have polyphenols, including green tea and red wine, but cacao beans, the raw ingredient of chocolate, also contain plenty of cacao polyphenols. Actually, it is a little known fact that polyphenols are surprisingly difficult to absorb from natural foods. So, is there any way to obtain this nutrient relatively efficiently? In fact, the whole cacao bean can be used. Rich in polyphenols, cacao beans are easy to consume, and are used to make chocolate and cocoa.

What is cacao protein?

Along with cacao polyphenols, cacao protein is another noteworthy ingredient found in chocolate. Since it is indigestible, cacao protein is not absorbed in the small intestine. Instead, it passes through to the large intestine increasing stool bulk. The protein also impacts bacterial balance in the gut, which affects intestinal function. Cacao protein is said to improve bowel movements, due to its bulking effect and intestinal action.

Various effects of cacao
polyphenols and protein


01{ Blood pressure
reduction }

Blood pressure rises as blood vessels clog and become narrower. However, it turns out that consuming cacao polyphenols works to expand blood vessels.

Relationship between Chocolate and Blood Pressure Reduction


02{ Prevention of arteriosclerosis }

One cause of arteriosclerosis is the oxidization of cholesterol by free radicals produced in the body. Cacao polyphenols have a strong antioxidant properties and suppress oxidation.

Relationship between Chocolate and Arteriosclerosis


03{ Stress reduction }

It has been confirmed that consuming cacao polyphenols reduces the body's stress response, while also suppressing the release of stress hormones, which occurs when you are in situations that are psychologically or physically stressful.

Stress Pressure


04{ Beauty effects }

Even if you look young, your skin continues to change with age. It has been confirmed that cacao polyphenols prevent problems caused by free radicals, which promote skin aging.

Relationship between Chocolate and Beauty


05{ Improvement of allergy conditions }

Free radicals play a role in the onset of excessive allergy symptoms. Cacao polyphenols are reported to suppress the action of various factors that produce these free radicals.

Relationship between Chocolate and Allergies


06{ Brain activation }

Cognitive functions such as memory and learning deteriorate with age. Cacao polyphenols can encourage the action of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). This protein is said to be like nutrition for the brain, and may enhance cognitive function.

Relationship between Chocolate and Brain Activation


07{ Improvement of
regularity }

The way to improve regularity is to increase fiber and promote a healthy intestinal environment. Cacao protein, which has been successfully extracted for the first time in the world, has properties that make it hard to digest, and can thereby be expected to help improve regularity.

Relationship between Chocolate and Constipation Relief