Meiji Nutrition Statement

Nutrition statement

For more than 100 years, Meiji has provided nutrition to Japan and the world based on our philosophy of nourishment of society.
What does nutrition mean at Meiji? This important concept has now been enshrined in the Meiji Nutrition Statement, so that we
can go on contributing for another 100 years.

What is "nourishment of society"?

Nutrition at Meiji Mind

Meiji continues to ask what we can accomplish through nutrition. This will never change.

Meiji's concept of nutrition is more than simply the nutrients necessary for physical development. Meiji regards nutrition as the
integration of all the products, information, and services that Meiji provides.

Meiji's concept of nutrition


Using milk, cocoa, and other natural ingredients, we provide nutrition that supports everyday good health.

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By adding value, we provide nutrition that satisfies deeper needs.

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Through nutrition, we will help to enrich the lives of consumers worldwide.

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