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Want to burn excess fat in everyday life? 運動で体脂肪を燃やす VAAM Diet
Do you like your body? My weight hasn't changed but I am losing my figure. I haven't changed my lifestyle since I was young but I've gained weight. It is getting harder and harder to keep slim. I have lost weight but my body shape hasn't changed.

T h e c a u s e i s b o d y f a t .

That's because... Body fat is larger in volume than muscles. The key is not to reduce weight but to burn excess fat in the body.
How can I burn fat? To burn fat, it is important to do exercise. In fact, everyone is doing exercise-like activities in everyday life.
Doing several domestic chores simultaneously (moderate labor) 3.5METs x 1hour x weight 50kg = 175kcal Jogging (general) 7.0METs x 0.5hours x 50kg = 175kcal Source: Revised list of MET values of physical activities by National Institute of Health and Nutrition
What is MET? MET is a measure of the intensity of exercise and other physical activities. Assuming that the energy consumed by resting (lying down or sitting comfortably)  is 1,  the intensity of each activity is expressed as a ratio of its energy consumption to that when resting. Source: Health care glossary on e-healthnet (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)
Do more physical activity in everyday life and burn excess fat more effectively to get an ideal figure.
There is good news for you. Powerful fat-burning amino acids for slimming V.A.A.M., developed using the gift of nature Original amino acid material developed  for athletes and sports lovers D-V.A.A.M., newly developed slimming amino acids, based on further research of V.A.A.M.
D - V . A . A . M .
Containing slimming amino acids, D-V.A.A.M. VAAM Diet Launched in a new package V.A.A.M. Diet will be your helper to do physical activity, burn excess fat and tone up your body. Try to do more physical activity in daily life and drink V.A.A.M. Diet.
Drink, move and burn. Make them your new daily routine.
I want to burn excess fat in everyday life. I get off the train one stop early and walk briskly home. I go to supermarkets and drug stores by bicycle, not by car. When I have time I do yoga or walking to burn fat intensively. To those who find it effective: About how many minutes after starting yoga or other exercise program did you feel a difference? We have conducted a survey: We asked the participants to drink V.A.A.M. Diet prior to a yoga or Pilates lesson and asked them how they felt after the lesson. 75% of the participants felt a difference within 20 minutes. According to the survey on V.A.A.M. Diet in a yoga studio conducted in September and October 2014, 146 participants answered that they felt it worked and 75% of them felt a difference within 20 minutes.
What type are you?
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Try it and experience the difference. To buy VAAM Diet V.A.A.M. Diet is available at drug stores, pharmacies and sports shops as well as on the internet. If you can't find VAAM Diet in the diet food section, try the sports supplement section.