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Confectionery Business Unit

Confectioneries and ice cream lift people's spirits and bring color into their lives. In each field, we utilize our technologies, ideas and marketing capabilities, continually offering new value and always making it enjoyable for customers to choose and eat our products.


In the confectionery business, we are implementing an integrated marketing strategy with a three-pronged approach that combines activities involving “products, advertising, and in-store activities” for our leading brands “Milk Chocolate,” “Almond,” and “Xylish,” with the express aim of being the top brand in each product category. Our advertising strategies seek to build trust for the "meiji" brand, deepen customers' brand loyalty, and thereby create even stronger ties with customers. These ties are reinforced by keeping up with changing customer preferences and constantly refining our product offerings to align with emerging trends, under such key words as “adult,” “health,” “high quality,” and “single servings.” We also develop media advertising carefully designed to appeal to customers, as well as eye-catching and effective in-store displays.

In the mature confectionery market, we seek to uncover latent customer needs to develop products to meet those needs. We constantly endeavor to develop products that are one step ahead of emerging needs, and make efforts to explore new areas to provide products that exceed customer expectations for “tastiness and enjoyment.”

Also, we operate the specialty-shop brand 100% Chocolate Café. as a base from which to introduce innovations in chocolate culture. Using the shop as a base, we will operate chocolate stands at special events to promote the “tastiness, enjoyment, and dreams” associated with chocolate.

Ice Cream

Meiji markets numerous ice cream products with wide-ranging appeal and popularity that spans the generations. Such products include “Meiji Essel Super Cup,” which is Japan's most popular for ice cream in a cup, and the long sellers “Meiji Umakabou” and “Meiji Uzumaki Soft.” We have also been concentrating on the development of new products, such as the “Meiji Chocolate Ice Cream Series,” integrating our technologies for chocolate and ice cream. We will continue pursuing higher levels of “tastiness and enjoyment” as we endeavor to supply products offering new value.